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Estimates as high as 27% per annum have been used when discussing the rate of data deterioration. It stands to reason that if your database has not been cleaned for some time it is probably costing your company a lot of money.

Incomplete, inconsistent or inaccurate data will impact on your ability to meet corporate objectives, efficiently perform in-house processes; effectively communicate and engage with customers and prospects.

With budgets under pressure, every investment needs to produce measurable dividends; the benefits of a complete and accurate database extends across the company, including the customer services, finance and the sales & marketing departments.

The challenge to reduce waste, increase efficiency and maximise business opportunities can be met by increasing and enhancing your data quality using our database processing and cleaning services.

We have developed a number of solutions to successfully clean and enhance data. Client files come to us in a wide range of formats and we start by standardising the file.

Reformatting of Data
The reformat module converts all the data to a common format so that all the fields are printed in the correct order - this will allow maximum opportunity for cleaning and enhancing the database. Case conversion and field segmentation are often performed at this stage.

Data Deduplication
To help identify unique records we will group together all the records that are detected as duplicate records, from which one can be nominated as a master record. To allow us to optimise the deduplication process and also identify suspect and fuzzy duplicate records, the process will include a number of passes. A sample of matches and non-matches will be analysed after each pass.

Data Matching
The resultant file can then be matched to the various databases and suppression files, using the same deduplication routine described above. From here the process of identifying goneaways, enhancing existing data and adding new records can begin.

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