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The Political Local Authority & Public Service Database provides total access to the UK's elected officials:

MPs and Lords

MPs and Members of the Lords sit in the two Chambers of Parliament scrutinising the Government and debating legislation.

MPs and Lords can be selected from the following:

European Parliament
House of Commons
House of Lords
National Assembly for Wales
Northern Ireland Assembly
Scottish Parliament

Total number of records available is 1,840


Council Leaders, Mayors and Chairmen

Leaders of the Council lead the decision making process and direct on strategic policy, forward planning, budget setting and managing the Council's priorities and vision. A small number of councils have elected mayors. Non-elected mayors and chairmen are the civic and ceremonial head of the Council.

select from the following:

Council Chairman/Mayor/Provost
Deputy Chairman/Mayor/Provost
Leader of the Council
Deputy Leader of Council
Group Leader
Deputy Group Leader
Opposition/Minority Group Leader
Governing Group Leader
Governing Group Deputy Leader
Minority Governing Group Leader
Minority Governing Group Deputy Leader

Total number of records available is 2,950

Local Government Councillors

Councillors are directly elected politicians, their roll is to server and represent the community and take policy decisions that reflect the electorate's views.

selection can be made from the following cabinet role/committee by function:

Cabinet Members
Executive Committee Chair/Convener/Spokesman
Regulatory Committee Membership
Regulatory Committee Chair/Spokesman
Regulatory Committee Vice Chair
Scrutiny Committee Chairs/Conveners
Scrutiny Committee Membership

Total number of records available is 21,000

Parish Councils

Parish, Town and Community councils are the first tier of local government, operating at a level below district and borough councils. They are democratically elected and deliver a vast range of services at community level.

Councilors can be selected from the following:

Community Council - Scotland
Community Council - Wales
Parish Council - England
Parish Meeting - England
Town Council - England
Town Council - Wales

Total number of records available is 14,000

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